Meet Mr. Kim and his family, recent immigrants from South Korea who dreamed of owning a home in America. Their dreams came true after working with Shalom Center. Due to high rent prices in Los Angeles, Mr. Kim and his family of four were renting a one-bedroom apartment.

Within 10 years of my immigration to the United States, I achieved the American dream, and purchased my first home.
The rental price kept on increasing, and if friends or relatives came to visit from Korea, it was always disheartening that I was never able to provide proper hospitality due to lack of rooms. I prepared the tax returns and established good credits, but the problem is that there was no down payment, but through shalom center’s homebuyer education classes I was able to obtain a lot of home buying steps and processes to become a homeowner.
In the city of Glendale, I received $80,000 of Doran Program and $120,000 from HHP in down payment assistance programs with an affordable mortgage payment. I am truly grateful for all of Shalom Center’s efforts towards my home buying experience. Even though I did not have enough in down payments, Shalom Center was able to help me guide me step by step through the home buying process and give me the confidence I need to purchase my dream home.
L. Kim


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We have been working with Jee Lee about a year. The threat of foreclosure is a uniquely emotional rollercoaster. The high points were always a result of Jee’s experience, work on our behalf and subsequent victories. We were fortuante enough to have Jee for my case. He cares deeply. He is as passionate about helping people as he is knowledgeable. And his knowledge in this field is unparalleled. We experienced first hand his compassion and learned how big his heart truly is. It is virtually impossible to thank Jee enough for what he has done for us and what he is continuing to do for people in LA county. We have been truly blessed by his presence in our lives. Thank you, Jee.

KumSuk Hwang, LA

A quick note to say thanks for all of your help. You accepted our file after several other so-called experts had given us bad advice or even abandoned us at literally the last minute. Your knowledge, experience and confidence gave us tremendous peace of mind through a very difficult and sometimes, as you well know, very stressful time. There are a lot of people out there touting how great they are, but you actually do what you say you will. Keep up the great work.

Curry Chang, Glendale